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Here at Fairy Alliance I am looking for people who would like to help out on the site. If you are a fan of Fairy Tail and would like to help out around the site, I'd be very gratefull.
I'm looking for anyone who wants to help out with any of the following.

Things such as character descriptions, episode summaries, guilds, manga, magic used, etc. If there are other things you would like to write about for the site then feel free to suggest them to me. You should have good grammer and be able to write fairly well for this position. You will also have to know the anime and/or manga well and have access to one or both of them. I don't want stolen content I want it to be purely written by the staff of Fairy Alliance.

Content Scanner
This requires someone who has access to magazines and things that contain articles of Fairy Tail. If you are able to translate them too, even better but that is not required.

Someone who can translate Japanese. You will have to be fluent in Japanese to do this. You would help translate things like magazine scans, things related to the Trading Card Game, lyrics, check the official sites for any interesting news etc. Most things I would give you a link or a scan of what I would like translated. I would also in the future like to add detailed game information so if you have the Japanese games and know Japanese and can help with this, that'd be great. When applying for this position please let me know how much experience you've had with Japanese.

I would like to offer things such as wallpapers and avatars, maybe some bookmarks and things. Whatever sort of graphics you would like to make for the site would be good too. I am also looking for someone to help with graphics for the forum such as the image set (The icons next to forum topics and stuff) and maybe some better smilies. Also maybe someone who's good at rendering images to help with the free avatars that I provide for the forum. If you are applying for this then please link me to some of your graphics work or attach it to an email.

Forum Moderators
When the forum gets more people I will be looking for active members to help out as global moderators and moderators. If you are a current active member then you can apply for these positions and you will be considered when I need more global moderators and modorators.

When Applying
When you are applying for any of the above positions please let me know how much time you have to spend on things for the site and why I should hire you for Fairy Alliance. Include a small introduction about yourself and don't forget to tell me what your good at regarding the position. Examples of your work would be helpful as well.

Anything else you can think of. Let me know what your good at and I'll get back to you. You can contact me on the forum or by the form on the contact page if you would like too or email me at



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